Liviu Mitu
Asset Optimization Manager

Liviu strategically deploys short-term price and imbalance forecasting services to optimize the dispatch of flexible energy assets and maximize revenues.


Fluxsmart offers its clients energy load forecasting-as-a-service using state of the art Artificial Neural Network technology within the intra-day and DAM trading cycles. Production asset owners benefit from > 20% lower imbalance penalties, and traders benefit from high quality predictive indicators such as balancing market/intraday interval differentials in real time to improve trading outcomes.

Big Data custom modelling

Fluxsmart uses large amounts of different external big data sources (e.g. weather data, import country and in- country load & consumption data etc) to make price and asset production as well as load and consumption predictions that enable better trading decisions. Clients may also introduce their own big data sources and design their own self learning models using our cloud based platform.

Asset Optimisation

Fluxsmart offers short-term price and imbalance forecasting services using Artificial Neural Network technology. Customers use this information to optimally dispatch flexible energy assets throughout the short-term trading cycle and increase revenues.

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